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Okara marina whangarei artist impression

New Marina at Okara

Get in on the opportunity from the start. Berth Licences now for sale.

For those who are able to secure a berth at preconstruction prices before February 28th, prices for 10 to 20 m are listed below. 

The 22 to 35m are negotiable to the vessel requirements. Limited sales in each size. Once we reach our sales threshold construction can begin in March 2023,  with completion in the summer of 2024/25.

Get in first to choose your ideal position - The deeper drafts?  Close to shore?  Starboard tie?

The marina will be built in the upper Hatea River, on the seaward/downstream side of the Te Matau ā Pohe bascule bridge.

Being in the center of Northland's cruising grounds, you can be close to the spectacular sailing and fishing of  Great Barrier Island, The Bay of Islands, Auckland and Whangarei Harbour. It is walking distance from the restaurants, shopping and entertainment of Whangarei's Town Basin. The sheltered location provides safe, comfortable berthage with easy access. And it is right by the Whangarei Cricket and Rugby stadiums. Six competitively priced boat yards and a great selection of marine services surround it.

Okara Numbered berths.jpg
concept building.JPG

Okara Marina will provide 114 berths, ranging from 10–35+m in length.

Around 20% will accommodate multihulls.

These Berth License Prices are only valid until February 28th, 2023: 

Request the Development and Licence Agreement for details.  

 GST Inclusive.   Annual operational fees in addition.   

                         10m                 $ 110,000  - one left 

      12m Cat         $ 195,000   

      14m                 $ 215,000   

      14m cat         $ 350,000   

      16m                 $ 295,000   

      16m cat         $ 480,000   

      18m                 $ 390,000   

      18m Cat         $ 625,000   

     20m                $ 490,000 

         20m cat              By Neg.    

          22m                      By Neg.     

         25m T/Head     By Neg.   

       30+m T/Head  By Neg. 

Register your interest 

Berths now available to purchase.

Please click on the button for more information.

Discover Whangarei

Watch the video to find out why Yachts are sailing in from around the world to enjoy Whangarei harbour.  

Growing Whangarei: The marina will benefit the local boating public and also give re-fit work opportunities to Whangarei’s expanding marine specialist industry, providing both employment and economic development. It will cater for a blend of permanent local boats and seasonal visitors, in particular welcoming the hundreds of overseas yachts who sail down to visit New Zealand. 

The project is included in both the Whangarei District Council 20/20 momentum plan, and due to its significant economic development benefits, also in the Tai Tokerau Northland Economic Action Plan. The independent economic impact report has predicted that when the marina berths are fully occupied we will experience an ongoing economic impact of $9.5M/annum and the indirect generation of 94 new jobs.

Note. Published pictures are artist impressions. 

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